Cinémathèque Internationale of Philadelphia (CIP), an aspiring institute for international film and video art run by a group of young volunteers, will host Time and Space Landscapes Dec. 9, 2011 through Jan. 20, 2012.

CIP is looking for international artists who specialize in or have special projects in new media, video or film (specifically, investigations of the technology itself) on the topic of time, space, and The Landscape. The group video exhibition will highlight recycled — new and old — technology to explore concepts of time and space, and the manipulated perception of The Landscape. This exhibition confronts this method of construction and explores the interpretation of something “real,” as in “a place.”

Artists interested in participating must submit by Saturday, Oct. 15. Chosen works will be announced Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Although submission is open to all countries, only twenty-five percent of the selected works will be accepted from the US artists.
CIP is not accepting any installations or performance pieces. However, video documentation of performances or installations will be considered. Please inquire about specific audio options.

Include in your dossier:
• Maximum of three video submissions per person/group, which are no longer than 20 minutes per video.
• Short artist statement
• Curriculum Vitae
• Completed application form.


For more information about submissions, email
For more information, visit

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